Energy RC-70 Floorstanding Speaker – Black Ash Veneer

  • Speaker System – Bass Reflex, Rear Vented
  • Recommended Amplifier Power – up to 250 watts RMS
  • Impedance – 8 ohms nominal
  • Minimum Impedance – 4 ohm
  • Frequency response – 31Hz-23000Hz +/- 3dB

Immerse your home with style and sound with the Energy RC-70 Floorstanding Speaker, a part of the Reference Connoisseur Series. This Series attains the highest levels of tonal accuracy and balance without sacrificing style. The flagship of the Reference Connoisseur series, the RC-70 offers class-leading standards of performance. Energy’s engineering team focused on using the chambered 1 aluminum dome tweeter and the patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround woofers to create the greatest harmony from a speaker. Using nearly 30 years of speaker design experience, the anechoic chamber and the latest in computer software, Energy’s engineers molded an audiophile speaker that delivers unparalleled refinement, accuracy, detail and dynamics. The elegant enclosure, with its real wood veneer finish, reproduces the impact and sensation of your listening material, bridging the gap between reality and recreation. Over-engineered, as you would come to expect from Energy, the RC-70 will slam you back in your chair, but will also deliver subtlety and finesse.

Usable Bass Response – -10dB Anechoic @ 26Hz Anechoic Sensitivity – 92dB 2 speakers in a typical room – 95dB Crossover Points – 600Hz, 2.4kHz Operating Range – Tweeter – 1.5kHz and >, Midrange – 500Hz-3kHz, Woofers 1 and 2 – ~ to 800Hz Driver Complement – 1 Aluminum Dome Tweeter, 5-1/2 Kevlar Ribbed Elliptical Surround Midrange, 2 6-1/2 Kevlar Ribbed Elliptical Surround Woofers Overall Dimensions HxDxW – 39-7/8 (100.4cm) x 15 (39.6cm) x 7-3/4 (20.9cm) Cabinet Finish – Black Ash Veneer Included Accessories – Spike Kit, Rubber Bumpers, High Gloss Black Base/Plinth Priced per speaker; 2 speakers required for left and right channel


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