Cambridge Audio – Minx S325 v2 – Home Cinema System – High Gloss Black

  • Min 21 satellite speaker dimensions: 3.1″ x 3.1″ x 3.3″, Sensitivity; 87dB (2.83 Vrms input), Drive units: 1 x 2.25″ BMR, 1 x 2.25″ longthrow woofer.
  • Power Handling: 15-200 W Recommended
  • X300 subwoofer: 12.4″ x 10.5″ x 11.0″
  • Power Output: 300W
  • Frequency Response: 33Hz (-6dB) – 200Hz

Developed to meet the needs of the most obsessive movie lover, this diminutive 5.1 system puts you right in the heart of the action without having to share your home with ugly black boxes. With the addition of a second drive unit in each satellite speaker, this amazing home cinema package delivers even greater depth and dynamics and instantly reveals its muscle as soon as the music, dialogue and effects begin.The Minx 325v2 system is also a true ace of bass thanks to an even more potent 300 Watt digital subwoofer. Whether you’re watching the grittiest action thriller or engrossed in the big game, you’ll be blown away by Minx’s epic delivery and amazed at the amount of bass this tiny set-up can deliver when required. But micro size and potent power is just half the story. Where Minx really excels is in its ability to deliver utter composure and perfect integration. Establishing the source of Minx’s deep rumbling bass will fox even the most finely-tuned ear since all the sound appears to emanate from the miniscule satellite speakers rather than the subwoofer which is hidden out of view.


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